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'DVE' HD Basics Blu-Ray $39.95

Ideal-Lume Standard

The new high definition title from Joe Kane Productions. This Version includes very simple navigation through the program, extensive tutorial narration and text, beginner and advanced test matrials, video and audio test signals. Now region free. Includes discussion of viewing envronment principles and bias lighting adjustment pattern.

Format: Blu-ray

Spears & Munsil HD Benchmark and Calibration Disc 2nd Edition (2013) $29.97

Spears & Munsil

The revised edition of S&M HD Benchmark includes updated test patterns, tutorials, 3D test materials and audio test signals. Includes bias lighting adjustents patterns.

Format: Blu-ray

'DVE' Professional Edition $74.95

Ideal-Lume Standard

From the producers of the critically acclaimed Video Essentials comes DIGITAL VIDEO ESSENTIALS: PROFESSIONAL EDITION. This six disc DVD/ HD-DVD set provides diagnostic tools necessary to the professional audio/ video technician. For engineering, manufacturing, testing, or calibrating, DVE: PRO includes the test signals required for accurate reproduction of audio and video at the highest level of quality. Education and support for DVE: PRO goes beyond the enclosed six disc collection, via the web-enabled interactivity software included in this package. By registering your copy of DVE: PRO online, you will gain instant access to articles, updated test materials, priority access to JKP events, and more! It's as simple as loading disc four into your computer and following the registration instructions.


HDTV Calibration Wizard $29.95

Ideal-Lume Standard

The HDTV Calibration Wizard is an easy to use live video program that helps you correctly adjust your TV without geeky complicated test patterns. Greatly improve your TV's picture using simplified professional techniques, developed by the Imaging Science Foundation.

(This title lacks a backlight level test patern)

Format: DVD