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About CinemaQuest , Inc.

CinemaQuest, Inc. is a small but internationally respected company that is dedicated to advancing the art and science of electronic imaging. Our primary focus is providing products and services perfecting home theater. Many of our efforts have grown to encompass the arenas of professional motion picture, video, electronic games, and graphics production since our founding. We are qualified to provide display device calibration services in Colorado through our association with Joe Kane Productions, THX Ltd., Lion AV Consulting, and the Imaging Science Foundation. CinemaQuest, Inc. has also established a leadership position in presenting "ideal viewing environment" technologies and solutions to professionals and consumers internationally. The field of electronic imaging also encompasses computer displays and display environments for the office, electronic interactive games, graphics production, medical, scientific and industrial display applications.

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) recommends the use of Munsell neutral and nearly-neutral interior colors and technically correct lighting in electronic display environments. This preserves correct color perception and viewing comfort. We offer professional color matching, color-correct lighting and consulting services to consumers and dealers interested in incorporating the SMPTE recommendations in their home theaters and display environments.

Professional client list: the National Institute for Standards and Technology(NIST); the Imaging Science Foundation(ISF); Joe Kane Productions; Display Mate Technologies; CNET Labs; Stewart Filmscreen; the Metropolitan Museum or Art; Industrial Light and Magic(ILM); THX, Ltd.; Deluxe; E-Film; Universal Studios; CinRam; Electronic Arts(EA); Image Entertainment; Radical Games; Factor5; High Moon Studios; Zombie Studios; Deluxe Digital Studios; Microsoft Corp; Audyssey Laboratories, Technicolor, Walt Disney Imagineering, ABC Television, Samsung Germany, Digital Film Lab Denmark, Advanced Television Evaluation Lab-Communications Research Centre-Canada, PostWorks, Live Nation Studios, Dolby Labs, Dreamworks Animation, CBS Television, The Criterion Collection, Lion A/V Consulatants, The Motion Picture Company, Encore Entertainment, professional colorists and post houses world wide.